Five Things Friday: Spring Break

Five Things Friday: Spring Break

Starfish at the Beach

Do non-kids even get a Spring Break?

Well, we should.

But, I didn’t. So here is my list of FIVE things I did NOT do on Spring Break:

  • Get a tan. I used to go to the tanning bed for 10 days straight in college, so everyone would think I had actually been to the beach. But I didn’t even do that this year. Because who would I be kidding anyway, that’s why.
  • Sleep late. Except I did just a little, since I didn’t have to drive Little to school on my way to work.
  • Read an entire book, front to back. Or even an entire chapter.
  • Get a pedi. Because I’m not wearing flip-flops ’cause my windshield is still frozen over every morning, that’s why.
  • Go on a cruise. Or a trip to the beach. Or a trip to the mountains. I did, however, go on a trip to my ob/gyn in Little Rock. Does that count?

What did you do this week?