Showin’ Up

Showin’ Up

What do you do when you have nothing to say? Fade into the background? Stay home in bed? HIBERNATE??

Well, it seems lately that’s exactly what I’ve done. I haven’t had much to say ( I KNOW!! Hard to believe, huh?) so I just haven’t shown up. Sorry for that.

But guess what? I’ve decided that just because I have nothing to say, doesn’t mean I can’t show up anyway. I mean, plenty of other smart folks out there have lots to say so I’ll just tell you some of their stuff. How ’bout that? And I’ll start with this:

Ronald McDonald Loses Jumpsuit and Joins Twitter


McDonald’s announced Wednesday that Ronald will now sport mustard yellow cargo pants and a red and white striped rugby shirt topped by a sleeveless yellow zip-up jacket. For “special occasions,” there’s a red bowtie and blazer with his signature on the back. His hair is a little tighter too. But those big red boots remain the same.

The new wardrobe comes weeks after rival Taco Bell used twenty-five real men named Ronald McDonald in their ads to promote their new morning menu. The ads showed the Ronald McDonalds eating Taco Bell breakfast and “loving it.”

While he won’t get his own Twitter account, the clown will interact with social media users on existing McDonald’s accounts using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald.

You can read the full article over on (thank you Ben Popken, senior staff writer) but I think I hit the high points.

And guess what? I do have one thing to say: This is supposed to be better?