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Is it possible…

Is it possible…

Is it possible to scrunch down all your hopes and dreams and (dare I say it?) resolutions for the new year into one single word?

I’ve talked about OneWord365 here before. The idea is that you honor that one word all year. Your words, your actions, your hopes, what you expect from other people…all centered around this one little ol’ word.

I’ll admit it – the first time I saw it I was like, Cool! I only have to choose ONE word? Not lengthy resolutions that, let’s face it, will last a couple of months at best??

Side note: I once thought I would outsmart the system and declare my New Years Resolution to be something I already do. Then it looks like I’m keeping it all year. Y’all. Bless my heart.

Well, let me tell you a little something about this one little word. Usually, it finds you! That’s right. You start to think about it a little and you read what other people are choosing (I started to give you a link here, but you should just google it. There are too many sources for me to try to list them). But at the same time, that word seeks YOU out and then, you spend the next 365 days holding hands with it.

Here is a quick rundown of a few of my past words:

2014 – Inspire

2015 – Honor

2016 – Kindness

And for 2017…Let Go

Another side note: I KNOW THAT’S TWO WORDS. But it’s okay. They’re both really tiny words. And it’s allowed, I think. I’m almost certain it is. Plus I already have my new Giving Key with Let Go inscribed on it.
Side note to the side note: If you haven’t jumped on the Giving Keys band wagon, you need to get right on that. They have an inspirational story and all you have to do to be a part of that story is wear your key. I love a good story…

So what will I be letting go of this year? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve already thrown away two thermal blankets that had worn spots that you could actually see through, right into the trash. That’s a start.

But I will also let go of bad habits, old pain, negativity, judgement, fear, ziplock containers that don’t have a matching lid, and so much more. I was a little hesitant when my word two tiny words found me, because what if I need to let go of something but I don’t want to? Or what if I try to let go of something and it sticks to me like glue? Or what if the very thought of it gives me diarrhea?

But then I started thinking of the transformation. Not just who I will be at the end of the year, but the journey itself. Ohhh, the journey…


What will your one word be? Think about it a lil’ bit. When that word finds you, come right on back here and let me know. We can meet for hot chocolate and compare notes throughout the year!