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Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Do you ever have trouble figuring out what to do with a blank wall? Maybe it has a funky shape, or a return air vent in a weird spot. Maybe both. Or maybe it’s located somewhere that you don’t feel comfortable expressing your personality through art…

Like my office, for instance. You have to go through my office to get to two other offices (the president and the owner of the company). I’m not necessarily a stopping off point for people going to see them – it just happens to be where there was a space available, and it does help to be in close proximity for a lot of my tasks. If I had a stand-alone office, I would probably decorate it more, and with things that speak directly of my personality (I’m a hippie chick – think peace signs).

And I do happen to have a funky shaped wall with a return air vent in a weird spot that needs a little…something. So inspired by Emily of Jones Design Company and her gorgeous L wall, I’ve started a little collection of my own. I could have gone with L (maiden name) or M (last name) but….


I pick up an R whenever I see one that strikes my fancy, and I’ve even received one as a gift (thank you Susan!).
FullSizeRender (2)    FullSizeRender (3)    IMG_1460

This little project is so easy to create – no crafting skills necessary. This little project is so easy to arrange – no level or tape measure required! (And many are light enough to hang using just double sided tape.)

Feel inspired? Show me YOUR wall of fame!