A Bright Future

A Bright Future

One of the most amazing, and unexpected, benefits of joining Noonday Collection has been the sisterhood I’ve found. Like-minded women who love the Lord and advocate for others. And pray for one another. Over 600 of us now, most whom have NEVER met, but we connect daily through the miracle of technology and discover more and more how much we love each other, these women we’ve never shared a meal with, watched a movie with, traded play dates…. We are connected by an invisible thread in a beautiful tapestry only God himself could design.

One of my sisters, Jolene Shrock, I did have the pleasure of meeting in person at our Noonday Collection Ambassador conference last January. She. Is. Amazing.

She shared her story of international adoption. She shared the struggles she and her husband faced in their journey to have biological children. She opened her heart so that we could understand different paths that lead to FAMILY. And she did it with grace. So much grace.

Jolene also shared another story. The story of Awake and Alive. After viising Ethiopia and witnessing the conditions that many orphans face, she and her husband felt called to do more. And the result has been nothing short of phenomonal.


Awake and Alive sponsors several trips a year to visit the Bright Future Academy, a partnership between them and an Ethiopian nonprofit organization that now serves 68 of the most marginalized children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

And today they have a big, big announcement on how YOU can join the next trip… for free!

Click here for contest details.

Please visit their site. Take a little tour and learn their story, their passion. And if you find that you feel that thread pulling you into this beautiful tapestry too, enter their contest! What a life-changing trip it could be!

You know what else could be life-changing? Join them in advocating for these beautiful children! Get involved!

I see a bright future for all of us.

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