Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful

It’s the weekend. It’s the weekend. (Said all sing-songy and with that little arm-circle dance thing.)

And what do you have planned? Me, too. (I’m assuming you said something like “The usual: one GNO, two soccer games, one junior cotillion dance, the dog needs a bath, the house needs to be fumigated, the yard needs some work. laundry, grocery shopping…”)

So when you get all that done…check out Keep America Beautiful!

Long before being “green” was fashionable, Keep America Beautiful formed in 1953 when a group of corporate and civic leaders met in New York City to discuss a revolutionary idea — bringing the public and private sectors together to develop and promote a national cleanliness ethic. And I’m so glad they did!


Remember this guy?

Keep America Beautiful has a number of programs in place to help communities get involved with the worthwhile work of caring for our beautiful land. If you don’t have something going on around your area, find out how you can help start one! A good place to start would be America Recycles Day, coming up on November 15th!

Advocate for your beautiful country by volunteering and educating others!

Click here to start at the beginning of this 31 Day Challenge.




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