The Humane Society

The Humane Society

Meet Maggie Grace.

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She’s my little fur baby. I love her with my whole heart. If you’re an animal lover, you know what I mean.

My Maggie is not a rescue dog. She’s never known the pain of hunger, the fear of being alone, the extreme heat or cold. She is one of the lucky ones.

Too many animals are neglected and abused. Too many are left to die alone. I know you’ve seen the tv commercials. Frankly, I can’t even. And my 11 year old son tears up every. single. time.

But we have to listen. We have to act on the behalf of these animals. The Humane Society of the United States offers many ways to get involved. Check out their website to take action on their current campaigns (they’re into way more than just dogs!), sign up for emails, discover ways to fundraise, and even find a pet!

Advocate for neglected and abused animals by educating yourself, educating others and getting involved!


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