Are you a t-shirt lover? Me, too.

I like a tangible link to a beautiful memory. Concerts, cafes, vacation destinations. I also like how a t-shirt can convey a little about who you are.

But my favorite tees…they send a message to the world. Check out Sevenly.

Sevenly was founded in 2011 and is now widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading “social good” companies. Every week, a new charity is featured and Sevenly’s followers team up to help bring funding and awareness. Sevenly commissions the creation of “cause art” that celebrates the work of these charitable partners in the world. Each purchase of Sevenly merchandise, whether a campaign-specific shirt or print or an item from our curated collection, results in a $7 donation to the featured charity. Many items are exclusive, limited edition products. With nearly $4 million raised and counting, Sevenly is helping to inspire a generation of generosity. They’ve made a tangible difference in the stories of more than a million lives as people like us share their cause!

And this week’s cause? *gasp*

Okay. I have to admit, I’ll be ordering a shirt today.

Check out previous campaigns, including End7, Stand For The Silent and Special Olympics.

I encourage you to sign up for weekly emails, or follow Sevenly on facebook, in order to get information on the newest campaigns.

Advocate by wearing your Sevenly shirt often and educating yourself (and others) on the cause you supported with your purchase! And spread the word about Sevenly!



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