Five Things Friday: Finding Your Why

Five Things Friday: Finding Your Why

Advocating comes very easily to some. For others, it takes a little soul searching. Knowing and understanding WHY a cause is speaking to you makes telling others about it so much easier.

Yesterday I told you about Noonday Collection, for whom I am an Independent Ambassador. Neither post is intended to try to sell you something, but I do want you to know a little bit about how I arrived at my 31 Day Challenge topic of advocacy.

I want to share some of my WHY – why I choose to advocate in this way, for these people. Since it’s Friday, and I do the five thing on Friday…here are FIVE of the reasons I Noonday:

  • All. The. Beautiful. Things. I won’t lie – I was surfing the net and came across a blog (hi Boo Mama!) that had a Noonday Collection button on the sidebar that took me to another blog (hi Paige!) that I fell in love with. Among other things, Paige is a Noonday Ambassador with an incredible passion for our artisans. I checked out her website and fell in love with a tagua seed necklace from Ecuador. And all the other beautiful things. I couldn’t believe that each and every piece is HANDMADE using methods passed down for generations with materials indigenous to each country…materials that we could never fathom…spent artillery casings, bone, seeds, paper, horn. I was pulled in by the amazing beauty of the pieces and the history and the hope. And I still am.
  • african styleThis is African Style, the first artisan group that Noonday Collection partnered with. In the very beginning, there were two. Because of purchases made through Noonday Collection, they slowly started to grow. And now, there are over 300. If you want to know more (and I hope you do!) about the effect that Noonday has on the artisans and communities that we partner with, please check out our Impact Tab.
  • When choosing a cause to advocate for, it helps to have a personal connection. Nope, I’ve never traveled to a developing country. Never been in extreme poverty (didn’t even know exactly what that meant before Noonday) and never suffered the atrocities that much of the world faces every day. But…I am a mother. I pray every day for my family and my community. I fiercely protect my children and would do anything to keep them safe. I dream of their future. I work hard for them. I love my neighbors and reach out to help them. I was fortunate to be plopped down in the middle of the USA in a time when women have equal freedoms and a voice, but inside…inside I’m just the same as our artisans. And it doesn’t get much more personal than that.
  • Once you know, you can’t unknow. A cliche? Maybe. But damn true. I’m learning the facts, the statistics. And now that I have that knowledge, I can’t go back to thinking only of what’s for dinner at my house. I have to think about what (if anything) is for dinner across the globe. Once you know what’s really happening, you just can’t close your eyes and pretend it isn’t.
  • Finally, I feel called. It ‘s impossible to read the Bible and not see God’s heart for the poor and his command that his people walk with the suffering. Tim Keller, in his book Generous Justice says  “the justness of a society, according to the Bible, is evaluated by how it treats widows, orphans, immigrants, and the poor – those who have been called ‘the quartet of the vulnerable.’ Any neglect shown to the needs of the members of this quartet is not merely a lack of mercy or charity, but a violation of justice.”

Everyone’s WHY is different. Find your why, find your cause. For me, advocating isn’t just something you do, it becomes who you are. And what an awesome journey!

Advocate for the marginalized by learning and telling their stories and wearing their beautiful accessories!


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