These boots are made for…YOU!

These boots are made for…YOU!

Yikes. These are the most awesome boots. Ever.


All over the world, there are talented artisans who struggle to earn a living through their craft because of lack of access to market and modern designs. Teysha works with artisans in Latin America and customers across the world to design custom made shoes, boots, and accessories. Through this collaborative design process, artisans earn a dignified living for their families and are able to preserve their cultural traditions, while bringing an alternative to mass-produced fashion to the market.

So you design your boots. No, really! You choose your style and the textiles…


I can see these on my feet. Like next week. Or however long it takes for them to actually be made and shipped to me. And every time someone comments on my unique boots…well, that’s when I get to ADVOCATE for the artisans that work with Teysha. I get to tell their stories and share their craft and educate others on the best ways to alleviate third-world poverty (providing a marketplace for their goods = sustainable income).

There are other ways to get involved with Teysha. At the very least, click on over to their site and meet the artisans.

Advocate for the Zapateros by learning their story and sharing it with others or design your own boots (or sandals) and wear their story!



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